April Fool’s Day Cupcakes (steps)


My school’s National Honor Society is having an April Fools Day themed bake sale and I baked cupcakes!!!

What I Used
•Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow Cake Box Mix & everything else it required to make the batter
•Betty Crocker Whipped Milk Chocolate Frosting
•Wilton frosting tip 22 (star tip)
•Plastic frosting baggie
•Cupcake baking liners
•2 gummy worms for every cupcake

1. Bake the cupcakes following the instructions on the box & let them cool
2. Put the frosting tip and then the frosting into the plastic baggie
3. Frost from the center and circle around until you’ve covered the cupcake’s top (repeat this for all cupcakes lol)
4. Add 2 gummy worms to each cupcake 🙂

Colorful nails (steps)

Today I took a break and painted my nails, seeing my nail designs while flipping the pages of the book I’m reading just makes me a lot happier… I don’t understand why either…

What I Used:
-Kiss Nail Art Paint in black
-A brand I forgot the name of in a pink shade from my friend Thy, so any pink shade will do
-Circus nail polish by Andrea’s Choice in Reverso (white)
-Sally Hansen insta dri fast dry nail polish in Mint Sprint (turquiose)
-REVLON quick dry base coat
-AVON top coat
-Dotting tool (for the pink and/or black circle blobs)
-Q-tips & nail polish remover (to get rid of unwanted

1. Put on a layer of base coat
2. Put on 2 thin layers of the Mint Sprint color
3. Use the white nail polish and put 2 circle shapes toward both ends of the nails
4. Using the dotting tool, add the pink nail polish within white circles
5. Add dots/blobs with the black nail art color on top of the pink
6. Using the black nail art paint brush, apply short lines radiating from the white circles
7. Remove any excess nail polish marks with nail polish remover on Q-tips
8. Add a layer of clear top coat
9. Allow your nails to dry and enjoy 💅