The Girl On the Train – Savers Find!

You ever had one of those moments when you walk into Barnes & Noble and spot an interesting book you’ve been wanting to read? The cover is great, the description even better, and reviews online are praising it…but then you take a look at the price…and slowly set it down and walk away before you get too attached.
I had that moment today! I’ve been wanting to read The Girl On the Train for the past few months but its retail price is $27 (Barnes & Noble, $16) (Amazon, $14). But with that price for a book I could have mixed feelings about, I could be buying other things! So I told my friend I’ll get it another time and walked away from it so we could go look through the teen fiction section.
Thirty minutes later we left the store and spotted a Savers on the opposite side of the plaza and decided to go check the books there for fun. And guess what was on one of the book shelves!!! The. Girl. On. The. Train. And for only $3! I then became The Girl With a New Book.

Oh thrift stores, you make my wallet and my bookshelf happy.

I’ll be posting a review once I read this! I’m currently reading Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson.

Yes to THIS! Yes to Coconut Hand & Cuticle Cream Review

As a person who has to wash their hands frequently when heading to grab a bite, working in the school lab, or using the restrooms, I needed a hand cream that would be easy to throw into a bag and actually repair my hands. I’m kind of a picky person when it comes to things I need, and I hoped to find a scent I like that wouldn’t make me go even more broke as a college student. Just wanted to share with you my review if you were interested in getting this or hand creams in general!

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  • Its purpose: It hydrates and restore your hands. If I’d known how great and fast this worked, I would’ve taken before and after pictures of my hands! They were dry and a little flaky, to the point they stung a bit when applying things or being in the cold (I had to start using vaseline…which isn’t that great to use outside of the home). But now that I’m using this hand cream they’re back to normal and even smoother than before!
  • The scent: very subtle natural coconut scent, you notice it a bit when first applying but once it’s on your hands, you don’t really smell anything unless you actually sniff your hand. I guess you could say it’s like sniffing the outside of a coconut.
  • The feel: It does not feel too thick or greasy at all. But like all lotions/hand creams, it leaves some residue on electronics and other items one would touch… like this keyboard I’m typing on right now.
  • The price: Compared to other hand cream brands, I’d rather pay $6 for what I need than $15+ for a bigger brand name and more product! I got what I wanted in terms of price, scent, portability, and outcome: the extra softness is just a bonus! 🙂
  • Portability: The size doesn’t bother me because I just throw it into my backpack but if you carry a smaller crossbody bag, this may not be the best option for you!

Cups of coffee: 1.2