Huge Book Outlet & Thriftbooks Haul!

IMG_5221Hey guys! This month I made my first book haul purchase 🙂 I usually just buy 1-2 books at a time from Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Target/etc. but BOOK OUTLET(.com) is my new go-to spot! If it weren’t for booktube, I would have never known this amazing site existed.

I went a little crazy and got eight books in total from both Book Outlet and Thriftbooks! Here is a YouTube Video where I do an unboxing and the second part is descriptions of the synopsises/books.

The Girl On the Train – Savers Find!

You ever had one of those moments when you walk into Barnes & Noble and spot an interesting book you’ve been wanting to read? The cover is great, the description even better, and reviews online are praising it…but then you take a look at the price…and slowly set it down and walk away before you get too attached.
I had that moment today! I’ve been wanting to read The Girl On the Train for the past few months but its retail price is $27 (Barnes & Noble, $16) (Amazon, $14). But with that price for a book I could have mixed feelings about, I could be buying other things! So I told my friend I’ll get it another time and walked away from it so we could go look through the teen fiction section.
Thirty minutes later we left the store and spotted a Savers on the opposite side of the plaza and decided to go check the books there for fun. And guess what was on one of the book shelves!!! The. Girl. On. The. Train. And for only $3! I then became The Girl With a New Book.

Oh thrift stores, you make my wallet and my bookshelf happy.

I’ll be posting a review once I read this! I’m currently reading Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson.