Coachella Bound & the 52 Week Money Challenge

For a girl who hasn’t been to a live concert before, I sure do love them!!! At least once in my life, I’m going to spend a weekend at Coachella in Indio, CA (a desert!) and camp under the stars in a tee pee by lake Eldorado. Kathy, one of my best friends–we are Sam & Kat, is going with me to the other side of the country for this! We’re planning on saving a few grand each in order to pay for all our expenses; plane tickets, tee pee, VIP passes, and more for Coachella 2017! I would totally be asking to go sooner if it weren’t for the fact that we have to be 18+ to be on our own without a legal guardian/parent present!

The total cost: $2,000+ for each of us. We’re doing the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge for 2 years. I decorated my jar to motivate myself to keep saving up for Coachella. If you don’t know what the challenge is; on the first week we add $1 to the jar, on the second week we add $2…on the fifty-second week we add $52. Until we get a grand total of $1,300+ at the end of the year saved. (You can also choose to do it in reverse or other increments.)

I bought a mason jar from Michael’s Arts and Crafts and decorated it for 2014 savings 🙂


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