Zayn Recovery Decorated Cupcakes

So…Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction… it still hasn’t hit me yet because I don’t believe it… but when it hits I’ll need a way to distract myself and you should too! Eat your hearts out after making these cupcakes!2015/03/img_6656.jpgThings you’ll need:
•One Direction playlist + speakers
•cupcake mix (any recipe/cake box)
•eggs (# on box)
•oil (on box)
•water (on box)
•cupcake pan(s)
•cupcake liners
•frosting (white colored or colors of your choice)
•food coloring for colors of your choice
•bowl and frosting spreader for mixing the food coloring into frosting
•Wilton cake decorating Tip no. 22 (star-tip)
•Plastic piping bag
•tissues for your tears

•follow all instructions on the box to make and bake the cupcakes
•take cupcakes out of their pans as soon as you can after they are out of the oven (without burning yourself)
•take the frosting and divide it in half and mix in the food coloring to achieve your desired colors2015/03/img_6648.jpg
•alternate between scoops of one color and the next of frosting into the piping bag until you have enough for the cupcakes, it should look somewhat like this before you twist the bag up: 2015/03/img_6652.jpg•hold the piping bag over where you want to place the stars at 90° angles and pipe until you’ve reached a size of star pouf you want and lift and repeat until your cupcakes are covered!
•and now you’re done!2015/03/img_6692.jpg
^the best you can do for today: unite with the rest of the fandom, pour over magazines and things with Zayn, and eat your pretty cupcakes!

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