Packing for 4 DAYS in a backpack || Pack With Me + TIPS

Hey! I recently did a 4 day trip with a backpack and here’s how I packed it. I challenged myself to pack everything I needed for the long weekend in my backpack because the airline I flew (JetBlue) changed their basic fare policy to not include carry-ons anymore.

A few years ago, I could never do this. I went to Minneapolis for 2 days, 1 night and could barely fit my stuff into my North Face Borealis Backpack at the time! (I did have to bring a bath towel + shower flip flops.)

00:00 Intro & Backpack Tour

00:39 What I’m Packing

02:29 Packing My Backpack


  • If you don’t need a lot of a liquid like skincare, put it in a clean contacts lens case that you don’t need!
  • Roll your clothes to be able to pack more. Play around with roll sizes and see what works best. Keep the most wrinkle-able items on the outside.


-1 Sweatshirt*

-1 Black sneakers*

-1 Sandals

-1 Dress

-1 Tank top*

-1 Hiking top/crop top

-3 T Shirts

-3 Workout or Lounging Shorts

-1 Jean Shorts

-1 Leggings*

-8 underwear + 2.5 bras

*items worn on the plane


  • Day 1: Airplane outfit (Sneakers, Sweatshirt, tank top, leggings—change to jean shorts)
  • Day 2: Hiking outfit (workout top, workout bottoms + maybe jean shorts)
  • Day 3: Dress
  • Day 4: Sweatshirt, T Shirt, leggings, sneakers

Luckily I have a backpack with a lot of compartments plus a bottle holder and zipper pocket on the sides which helps a lot!

I understand this was more doable because I was traveling to a warmer area but I might do a 3-day Fall in New York City backpack version where I also flew Jetblue.

My company gave me this backpack when I started my career but I believe this is the model if you are interested as well:

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