Huge Book Outlet & Thriftbooks Haul!

IMG_5221Hey guys! This month I made my first book haul purchase ­čÖé I usually just buy 1-2 books at a time from Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Target/etc. but BOOK OUTLET(.com) is my new go-to spot! If it weren’t for booktube, I would have never known this amazing site existed.

I went a little crazy and got eight books in total from both Book Outlet and Thriftbooks! Here is a YouTube Video where I do an unboxing and the second part is descriptions of the synopsises/books.

Just Another Winter Day Where I’m Not in London…


If you ┬áhaven’t noticed all the signs yet, I’m obsessed with all things British! It all started during my freshman year of high school when I was a fangirl of One Direction. It’s so embarrassing when I think about how obsessed I was over them, especially Zayn Malik, the one with the hot bad boy vibe. Those days consisted of photoshopping my head into pictures, listening to all their music, and freaking out about them with other Directioners. I have no ragrets! (And no, I didn’t make a typo, if you didn’t get that reference, please go and watch We’re The Millers [Rated R] somewhere, it’s a hilarious movie!)

It’s almost time for Vietnamese New Year! I love 2014 so far, it’s been a great 11 days. For the next 20 days, I’ll be attending some dance practices to prepare for an event at my temple and it’s taking up all my weekend time! So instead of doing homework like I should be, I’m making a website/blog.